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Gulaal :: love…power…revolution


I chose to watch Gulaal over 13B this weekend and I don’t regret even a single bit for that . The movie was fantastic and Anurag Kashyap more than succeeded in portraying what he wanted to . If you hold an interest in the classic politics , then this is a movie you would love to watch again and again .

Disclaimer :  Spoilers Ahead



The movie starts with Dilip Kumar Singh (Raj Singh Choudhary , the protagonist of the story) being taken to a place , wearing black clothes and with red gulaal all over his face , where Dukey Bana (Kay Kay) is delivering a fiery speech in an attempt to lit the patriotic flame in the heart of every Rajput for regaining the Rajputana . The start itself leaves a big impact on the audience . Kay Kay is at his best . His character , Dukey Bana , is the senapati of the Rajputs , who is trying to gather all the resources to initiate a revolution against the system .

Dilip comes from Bikaner to study law , not knowing that he will be engulfed by the political storm that existed there . He stays with Rananjay (played by Abhimanyu Singh) , who took birth in a royal family but refuses to lead the life of Your-Highness .

Dilip and Rananjay were introduced to Dukey Bana by Bhati (Deepak Dobriyal) , Bana’s most trusted man , when they decided to avenge the ragging of Dilip . Dukey convinces Ransa to fight the college elections . Ransa was murdered and the circumstances saw Dilip standing as a nominee for the post of General Secretary .

Dukey Bana resorted to unfair means and Dilip won the elections over Kiran (debut performance by Ayesha Mohan) . Kiran uses her innocent face to trap Dilip in her false love and drains him off all his emotions to the extent that Dilip refuses to beleive anyone when told about the real face of Kiran .

The master mind behind all the moves is Karan (played by Aditya Srivastav) , Kiran’s elder brother . He is Ransa’s step brother and is fighting for his father’s name . He planned everything , from Ransa’s mother to Dukey Bana’s murder from Dilip’s hand , in order to get the tag of “Rajput” and aspires to take the position of Dukey Bana . With the death of Dukey Bana , the power of Senapati is transferred to Karan . And thus , the madness which ended with Dukey Bana , will now be carried forward by Karan .


The songs of the movie are awesome with very meaningful Lyrics . Piyush Mishra ( who brilliantly played the role of Prithvi Bana , Dukey’s elder brother) , has written the lyrics . composed the music and has playbacked a few songs as well .  The Prithvi version of  Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna and Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai points out the theme of the story , that how worthless was the revolution and the demand to establish Rajputana , at the cost of lives of a number of people . Still , there are  few lines such as Jaise dur desh ke tower me ghush gaya re aeroplane which can hurt few people .

Everyone has done a justice to his character . Kay Kay is brilliant as ever . Abhimanyu Singh did justice to his character , creating humor at many places . Raj Singh Choudhary has successfully portrayed an innocent boy who suffers the brainwash during ragging , and then unknowingly gets involved in the dirty politics of love , power and revolution , finally leading to his death .

The Rebuild India Mission


We all know what happened in Mumbai a few days back ….. the terror attack …. destruction caused …. loss of lives …… All of us are angry over this incident and are echoing a single voice to wipe down terrorism from the face of the planet ….. and to ensure the measures so that nothing of this sort happens again…..

Everybody is awake now ….. everyone wants to participate in some sort in the fight against terror ….. “The Rebuild India Mission” is one such step that we all need to participate in …… What this mission is all about???…….. Have a look…..

Late in the evening on the 26th of November, things seemed normal and peaceful. We all were busy with our night duty (read blogging) when all off a sudden the nation landed in dire straits. Some unknown intruders had penetrated our national territory with a motive of causing mass destruction. By the beginning of the next day, they had managed to do that and much more. Indians worldwide were left with only one thought – “enough is enough”. In the aftermath, the nation was left shattered, wounded and demoralized. We knew we had to build it all up again. We knew we had to initiate the ‘Rebuild India’ Mission – and that’s how it all started.

Step 1
Armed with a very small group of bloggers but ones with huge levels of motivation, we initiated a movement to publicize the voice of the citizen. Bloggers simply wanted to scream out their frustrations. We said we would provide them with a punching bag. Some were up with suggestions based on where things were going wrong and wanting their ideas to be heard. We said we would provide them the stage and the microphone. Gradually everyone starting from key business personalities to socialists were raising their voice. The gap between the elite and the ‘Aam Aadmi’ was erased and that’s how the ‘Rebuild India’ Article Repository was formed.

Step 2
With a huge content base in hand, we were contemplating our options when suddenly it occurred to us that these were the suggestions of bloggers. We needed the general citizens to approve these suggestions, for even a master plan fails without consensus. We got back to the drawing board and came up with a plan to separate the grain out of the chaff for public approval/disapproval.

That’s how the ‘Rebuild India’ Online Survey got going and this is where we are at the moment. At the end, we expect a full-proof case of stats and figures on how we rebuild the nation.

Step 3
This is where the game begins, as this is where everyone gets involved. We alone won’t decide what to do next, it’s the bloggers of the IndiBlogger network who need to guide and support us. In fact, you guys need to carry forward the rebuilding process, and we assure you that it’s not a small responsibility. It’s a responsibility of providing hope to over a billion Indians citizens and many more residing across shores. Tell us what to do and we would be all ears. Raise your hands in support and join us.

Let’s get together and make a difference! Let’s get together and rebuild the nation!

If I were the PM of India


Until my mind took a turn and I decided to opt engineering as my career , the aim of my life was to become the Prime Minister of India … 😉 …. To become the senior most minister ….. with all the administrative powers …… the power to bring forth any reform I would like …… seriously , here is a list of what I would have done if they make me PM of this country ……


Make me the PM of India and the first clause that you will find amended will be the clause on ragging ….. it would read something like this ,

”Ragging is a wonderful act and any student found involved in this activity shall be rewarded ……. Any student found trying to escape from this activity will be expelled from the institute and can also be imprisoned for few days …….. strict action will be taken by the authorities against the freshers who oppose this peaceful act of the seniors” ……. 😛





All the movies that make their way to the theatre will be made total free of cost for the students …… 😉 …… No no no …. Don’t think what an irresponsible and a waste of PM I am ……. I will make sure our economy don’t go the gutter …… the people without the student ID will be liable to pay thrice the normal price of the ticket …… and so will be the dudes with their girlfriends …. 😛 …… Mr. PM only serves the needy …. Not the greedy …. 😉 …….


We all are equal ….. that would be the message I will put forward ……. No reservations for anyone ….. admissions will be based only on merit …… I won’t have any guy named Arjun Singh in my cabinet ……. And I won’t have any quotas to favour the reserved ones and to snatch the seats from the deserving ones …… Hip hip hurray …… 😀 …… P.S. no reservations even for girls .…. 😡 ….. I don’t mind a ratio of 10:1 in any branch ……


Any institute found holding an extra class on a declared holiday will be severely punished …… even a complaint launched against the institute ….. and Mr. Principal …. Pack your bags for a trip ….. a trip to the jail for a day or two …… so that you could also experience same sufferings which you made the students to go through …… 😡 …….


A lot and lot of plans I hold in my mind ….. 5 long years of my span will be enough to implement these plans …… no student will be held back for short attendance …… assignments will be made compulsory only for the muggers …… exam schedule will be decided by the students through voting …… DC will never interfere in the student’s business …… bunks will be made compulsory…..and the dictatorship of the college management will become a thing of the past …… Any further suggestions are most welcome ……. I won’t hesitate in incorporating them in my list ….. Who knows….. If I really become PM one day…. 😉