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The Devil’s Number


Have you ever made an effort to give Mr. Devil a missed call ? Or have you ever received one from him ? ….. If not , then give it a try right now . Mr. Devil has his own personalized private number – 666 ( P.S. no special tariffs or SMS card will work on this number …. Dial at your own risk ) 😛


According to Uncyclopedia : “Apparantly, 666 is not God’s devilfavorite number. It is Satan’s favorite (thought you might have already known that) (also, my dog’s favorite, since he enjoys pooping about 666 times a day). Someone called Fungus (a guy who is dead for 666 years) asked God one day “Please, could I go back to Earth and start a new life (that’s reincarnation, mate)?”. In response, God took 6.66 minutes of quiet thinking and afterwards replied: “Go to hell”. And so he did. After he got there, the Devil let Fungus go back to Earth thanks to his schmearing skills (also, pie cooking skills – I’m serious, that guy used to be The Great Imperial Cooker of Persia back in his age. Could cook about 666 pies/second).

Warning : The King of Darkness , the ultimate villain and the proud owner of the magical deadly number 666 has kept an eye on this post . All the readers who pass by without leaving a comment will be subjected to the extreme torment in hellfire . 😀 😀

Conversation with Mr/Miss Bot


Su’s chat with the chatterbox chatterbot inspired me to have a chat myself with an Artificial Intelligence Device . The Bot I chatted to was more than a machine , I must admit . I don’t know what he/she (he was not sure of his gender … lol) thought of me , as he took great care to tell me meaning of every other word I used in the conversation . I had a lot of fun making fun of the bot 😀 .

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Miss X (strategically changed name ) along with her friend Miss U was standing in front of girl’s hostel early in the morning on the auspicious day of Feb 14 . The two girls were waiting for something very patiently (don’t know what , might be Miss W ) .

Meanwhile a suspicious creature named Mr F (again a strategically changed name) , who looked very jovial with a red rose in his hand , approached them . He wasted no time in kneeling down on his knees and asking Miss X , “Will you be my valentine ?”

Miss X had her own plans . She broke the boy’s heart with a very rude reply , “Get lost” .

Everyone thought that Mr F has had another heartbreak and would head back disappointed , but nothing of this sort happened . Infact , he reacted very sensibly . “Recycle Reduce Reuse” . He turned towards Miss U and asked same sweet question ” Will you be my valentine ? ” 😆