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Nerd !!!


Second sessionals are going on . Having not appeared for the first sessionals , its really important for me to score good marks in DBMS this time around . But here I am . Instead of struggling with SQL , I am spending my time here , chatting , blogging , and blah-blah-ing at twitter 😛 .

You know what I used to be two years back in intermediate ??? I was like , say , even if there was an exam next week , its nerdtime to spend some a lot of  time with the books ????  No television , no time pass , no nothing … and excuse me , what is Internet ?? A classic example of a study bug … a mugger . Had it not been the desk rotation policy in classes , I guess I would have been a first bencher all the way . And guess what … I secured 100% attendance in High School and was also awarded “Most Disciplined Student” ( Disciplined ??? ahemm ahemm…).  Elected as a captain twice in a row ,  92.8% in Xth , 94% in XIIth , my teachers still set my case as an example for the juniors .study ??

And now , two years from then , I have totally turned into a study repellant creature . What has got into me ?? Is this the transition from school to college ?? Can’ be . I still find the existence of a number of muggers here. They study , study , study , study and study ( just like I used to do ) . And when I tag them “book worms” I realize that two years back , someone would have tagged me with the same title too . Is that the reason ( the fear of being mocked at ) that has transformed a mugger ?? Or is this caused due to the lack of parent’s supervision in hostel ?? God only Knows !!!

Now as exams approach , everyone seems to be reminding me a few things again and again …..

  • Semesters are approaching . Start studying now . ( As if studying would delay the semesters 😕 )
  • Books are supposed to be your best friend ( I thought Dog was my best friend 😯 ) .
  • Don’t construct any destructive plans of cheating in theory exams ( cheats are only to be used in practicals 😛 ) .
  • Put a halt to your online activities for some time . No one will hack your account during your absence . ( Me and my hackophobia 😦 )
  • No Counter Strike . No NFS . No AOE for few days . ( That’s just a game . You don’t need to escape a hot pursuit . Neither are the terrorists planting a bomb under your nose )
  • Facebook is your enemy . Twitter is monstrous . Orkut is banned anyway .
  • Stop posting nonsense on your blog for few days . There is no need to reveal your insanity to the whole world .




Go…Go…Go !!!!!!!


Counter Strike


While surfing on net you might have come across the PC game named “Counter Strike” …….. You might think “Just a game ….. Big deal ….. what’s this fuss all about??” ………

But this is not just another one of those games …… Those who are really into this game can tell you how much of an addiction it can create within you ……… Played on the international arena , Counter strike is no more just a game of clash between terrorists and counter terrorists ……. This game has destroyed life styles of many of us …….. few of them who are good in this game can hardly be found anywhere else but in front of their system ………

If not for the biological demand of the body for the intake of vitamins and carbohydrates and the fear of getting detained due to short attendance , Counter strike could have booked the complete time table of the real addicts ……… few of them say that engineering is incomplete without Counter Strike ….. If you are in an engineering college and haven’t played Counter Strike , your life’s not worth it ……….


LAN wire laid all over … loaded …….. team balanced ….. everyone with their unique name (few of them are really weird ) ……. Guns loaded ….. bombs ready to be planted in the target zone …… and server is all ready to host one of those bloody encounters …… just when everything looked to be going fine , someone’s latency crosses 100 and the server hangs , resulting in the victim’s request to restart the game …… and that’s how it goes around everyday …….

People are ready to sacrifice everything to play this game …… thay have sacrificed the latest cool shaped advanced mouse for the old traditional one , just because its more comfortable to shoot the aim ……. they have sacrificed Windows Vista Ultimate to give way to Windows XP (Counter Strike doesn’t go that well with Microsoft’s youngest kid ) …….. and as I can see around , they are even ready to sacrifice Planet Orkut for the game (shocking as Orkut was once their best friend ) ……..

A game that has become a lot lot more than just a game ….. that’s Counter Strike for you …..