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The Haunted Room


Today was indeed a long long day for me . Reason , being a part of the crowd looking to book their seat in the hostel . Majority of the students reached the management block as early as 4 in the morning as no one was ready to take a chance . There are only 104 rooms available in the E block and students were more , causing a rush for the hostel allotment .

I , being a part of the crowd was sitting at the stairs for a long part of the morning . The whole environment was filled with the sound of chit – chats , buzz and occasional verbal outbursts from few desperate ones . But at 7’o clock , when the doors were being opened and the much enthusiastic students entered the block , there was a new sound to be heard . CRAASSHHHHH …….. The glass partition in the middle of the hall was unable to bear the pressure applied and thus , came down with a loud thud on the floor .

I have not seen such a rush in my life , not even during the counselling .The college management failed in handling the whole situation .It was panic everywhere . It was clear that its not worth being a part of the pulls and pushes and we would be better off coming back after some time .

Now comes the interesting part of the story . There is a room on the first floor ( E-231 ) hanutedwhere a student committed suicide a few years back . This room has not seen an inhabitant for many years . Last year , a guy dared to go for this room but eventually , he backed off after 2 months declaring that the room was haunted and the spirit in the room was not allowing him to live there peacefully . Now after that incident no one was ready to book that room .

12’o clock . After a lot of efforts , being thrown out a multiple number of times , being scolded by the Dean and warden a couple of times , initiating a number of quarrels among the students , finally we were able to enter the room where the allotment was under process . Slowly but surely the queue was moving . A number of dudes were entering the queue from the sidelines , decreasing the probability of the people behind them of being allotted a room . I kept watching .

1’o clock . Only 3 students between me and the window and after waiting for so long , I knew now it was just a matter of time .

10 minutes later , a declaration came from the warden , ” Room in the E block are full . Rest of the students are advised to go back now .”

After waiting for so long , a news like that was heart breaking for me . I was late and now it was not worth staying here . I mumbled in my mind ,” I should go back now and rethink on what to do now .” I just reached the doorsteps when a thought flashed into my mind ,” Have someone gone for E-231 .” I rushed back to check . It was still vacant .

Me : Sir , E-231 is still vacant . Please give me that room .

Warden looked at the cashier and both of them smiled .

Warden : Are you sure ? Do you know that ……….

Me : Sir , I know everything and I am not afraid of living there .

Warden : Ok then . Lets do it . Btw , whats your percentage ?

Me : its 79.2% aggregate right now . (thinking , what percentage got to do with that)

Warden : Excellent buddy . (Shaking hands)

Me : Sir , why did you ask me that ? Does the spirit give a consideration to the studious ones ?

Many student approached me with “Are you mad ? ” …….”You must be joking right” …… ” Do you even know the history of that room ?” …….”Just get the pooja done before entering the room and it will be ok ” ……. “Don’t worry , these are all rumours” ……. “Once again you got a double seater and now your room partner is a spirit.” …….. ” I will nominate your name for the bravey awards this time . ” …….

I made my way back to the hostel . The scorching heat of the sun was ineffective . The campus which was full of students appeared empty . All those things which were troubling me (internal viva , project submission , the LAN bug in my laptop ) were out of my mind . My clothes were soaked with sweat . My body was tired , both physically and mentally . My eyelids were shutting down due to the lack of sleep .There was one and only one thing I was thinking about .

“Me and My Haunted Room”




Call it my luck …. Or call it my precise selective study…..I managed to tame my sessional exams pretty easily……leaving apart just one paper of Networks , everything went according to the plan…..The Diwali celebrations late at night prior to the last sessional , followed by a clash between two groups of students and invasion of the HOD into the boy’s hostel , didn’t prove to be any hindrance ……

Festival of lights , Deepavali is just around the corner …… Its festive time …… holidays are on …… everyone is back home to celebrate the festival ……. No studies for a few days now …..

Meanwhile , I was tagged by Mahak to reveal 6 quirky things about me …… Thanks for my first ever tag ….. 😀

Going by the dictionary…..

quirk : a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism

  1. I have a phobia that everyone on this planet has got a keylogger installed on his system …… and as soon as I will log into my account through his sytem my account will be hacked …….. this habit of mine force me to use all types of techniques to remain safe (like keying in first two letters of my password and then write something random in search bar , so as to be at the safer side ) ……. Most of the time I end up typing in the wrong password and thus , killing a lot of time …..  😦
  2. Whenever I encounter a cuckoo singing on the treetops , I can’t help but to imitate the voice ….. just repeat the same “kuhoo kuhoo” a couple of times and see how energetically the bird replies with few more of those melodious calls , hoping to find a new friend ….. a friend who can’t be found at the tree tops , most certainly….. 😉
  3. I don’t know how and when It happened …… but I have developed an addiction to the back bench and love being called a “back bencher “ …….. Even if the whole class is empty , I will always shoot for one of the chairs in the last row …… In the worst case scenario , when I can’t find a seat in the last row , I will prefer to walk out of the class instead of being a part of those muger front benchers ….. 😡
  4. Last year in my hostel , ironically , lights of the bathroom of my lobby used to go nuts within one or two days of repair …… At that time , I developed a peculiar habit for enjoyment ….. I used to hide in the dark and pounce on any victim who used to enter the red alert area …… Most of them , unaware of the attack , used to shriek on getting the surprise …… I still remember , once the trick flipped back on me …… One of those inhabitant of my lobby got so frightened of the attack , that he lodged a full fledged attack on me as an action of self defence …… I did received a few healthy blows on my head ….. 😀
  5. Of late I have let go of one of the superstitions that I used to follow before appearing in any exam ….. I don’t remember Exactly what they were …… But there was a different task to be done for every day of the week ….. for instance , on Monday , I used to look at my image in mirror beforing departing for the exam centre ….. on Tuesday , I used to lick curd , or anything sweet ……. On Wednesday , I was supposed to drop a coin in a tumbler kept at the entrance of my home…… I don’t exactly remember the ceremony on other days of the week …… my mother was my guide , as most of the Indian moms are ….. 😛
  6. Whenever I am travelling alone in train , I always have to face a battle with sleep ……. I always have a fear that the train will get past my destination while I am lost in my dreams …… Even though I set alarm to my rescue , I can’t help but to check the time at regular intervals and asking the co-pessengers which station train has just crossed 🙂

Thats it with my quirks …… finished with the tag …….

Passing the tag to mystical , Vidya and Shivya

08 . 08 . 08


Amidst all the news headlines of the world being hit by destruction (except Kashi)by Decemeber 2008 …… I came across another of those news while waiting for the doomsday …….

“this day comes after 100 years”……”just co-incidence or something to worry about”…..”Shani dev ka prakop” ……. All the so-called news channels were so much involved with this combination..…..busy in getting their calculation correct that I hardly found any one of them loathing Indian seniors for flop show …….the so called Indian “trimurtis” again faltered……may be affected by 888 factor……hope Olympics survive this attack……


Moving towards something sensible……as they say “Singh is King”……..and few of us decided to bless the movie with our appearance ……as all of the Akshay Kumar’s movie……this one too faked to be an action movie but turned out to be a comic one……theatre was houseful……with all the publicity being done for the movie that was obvious…..although the movie lacked any story line ….but there was no regret as I enjoyed it……the movie with all the usual Bollywood stuff was fun to watch…….although a few of them were found cursing the movie……may be 888 didn’t suit them very well……

Coming back to 888 , its over now and as they say , it won’t come again for another 100 years …..trying to believe them ……. But don’t get relaxed ….. 09.09.09 is approaching soon ….. and this time mars might got to do something with it……don’t count rahu and ketu out…..