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Nerd !!!


Second sessionals are going on . Having not appeared for the first sessionals , its really important for me to score good marks in DBMS this time around . But here I am . Instead of struggling with SQL , I am spending my time here , chatting , blogging , and blah-blah-ing at twitter 😛 .

You know what I used to be two years back in intermediate ??? I was like , say , even if there was an exam next week , its nerdtime to spend some a lot of  time with the books ????  No television , no time pass , no nothing … and excuse me , what is Internet ?? A classic example of a study bug … a mugger . Had it not been the desk rotation policy in classes , I guess I would have been a first bencher all the way . And guess what … I secured 100% attendance in High School and was also awarded “Most Disciplined Student” ( Disciplined ??? ahemm ahemm…).  Elected as a captain twice in a row ,  92.8% in Xth , 94% in XIIth , my teachers still set my case as an example for the juniors .study ??

And now , two years from then , I have totally turned into a study repellant creature . What has got into me ?? Is this the transition from school to college ?? Can’ be . I still find the existence of a number of muggers here. They study , study , study , study and study ( just like I used to do ) . And when I tag them “book worms” I realize that two years back , someone would have tagged me with the same title too . Is that the reason ( the fear of being mocked at ) that has transformed a mugger ?? Or is this caused due to the lack of parent’s supervision in hostel ?? God only Knows !!!

Now as exams approach , everyone seems to be reminding me a few things again and again …..

  • Semesters are approaching . Start studying now . ( As if studying would delay the semesters 😕 )
  • Books are supposed to be your best friend ( I thought Dog was my best friend 😯 ) .
  • Don’t construct any destructive plans of cheating in theory exams ( cheats are only to be used in practicals 😛 ) .
  • Put a halt to your online activities for some time . No one will hack your account during your absence . ( Me and my hackophobia 😦 )
  • No Counter Strike . No NFS . No AOE for few days . ( That’s just a game . You don’t need to escape a hot pursuit . Neither are the terrorists planting a bomb under your nose )
  • Facebook is your enemy . Twitter is monstrous . Orkut is banned anyway .
  • Stop posting nonsense on your blog for few days . There is no need to reveal your insanity to the whole world .




Go…Go…Go !!!!!!!


The Alien Box


Since last few months , I have developed a very annoying habit of misplacing things . I have been misplacing my books , shoes , spects , even my admit card a couple of times . The scene has not changed much . I have misplaced all the pen drives and now I am in a mission to track them down , a mission to track 12 GB of lost data . Today in the morning , when an almirah was attacked under the search operation , I noticed an alien box covered with dust lying at the right corner of the bottommost shelf , all alone and neglected .

Well the box didn’t appeared so much alien after I gave it a bit of dusting . Here is a snapshot of its contents . 🙂

Isn’t it colorful ? Well it took me little time to recall what this box was all about . It was around 5 years back when I used this box as my storehouse 😀 . It was everything to me a few years back , and now I almost forgot about it . Funny little life it is . And what exactly I kept here ? I started scanning its contents.

Apart from all those dazzling stuff , the box also turned out to be the home of all sorts of bugs and mosquitoes , who escaped in a hurry as soon as I opened the box , as if they saw a ghost . After disturbing their sleep , I came across a bunch of Pokemon goodies . A number of tazzos , tattoos , cards and a Pokemon diary were waiting for me , all of them neatly packed and as good as new . A few years back , there was a huge craze over the Pokemon series among all the kids . I was no exception 😳 . I was so obsessed of them that I took all the measures to keep them in a perfect condition forever .

The Pokemon stuff was accompanied by a World Cup 2003 autograph book and a Britannia Cricket Book titled Rahul The Wall . There also lied a World Series Companion ’87 . I don’t know what it was doing there . I was not even born in 1987 😯 .

A whole group of tattoos , stickers , a blank diary and WWF cards were next to follow . I also got my hands across two cricket magazines (Cricket Samrat) and a Nagraj poster . That reminds me that I also once happened to own a notable collection of Raj comics . Wonder where they might be . I never expected to find this box after such a long interval . Who knows I might discover those comics too .

The mission to track the pen drives down must be given a break 😛 . Time to send a search party for those comics . Super Commando Harsh is coming . 8)

My school days


When I came to St. Antony’s it was my 7th school and on the last day of my school life in the farewell party I was the most happiest guy ….. because finally I was leaving the college ….. finally I was leaving the place which I loathed the most ….. unlike most of you , my school was nothing special to me ….. the reason being its management plus the teachers …… they would never appreciate you on your success but were the first one to say something to you on your failure ….. I hit the 90 mark both in X and XII but still I was threatened again and again in my final year by a psycho called Mr. Joshi ….. his favorite sentence being ,” I will hand over TC to you” …..

These dudes were always ready with their armory …… if they saw us becoming friends they used to mix up the sections ….. if we bunked for one day after the school picnic they would impose a fine …. $$$$$ ….. if we write on desk another fine …… if we break down the blackboard ,even then there was a fine ( giving an afterthought that fine might be a bit sensible 😛 )….. fines were the order of the day ….. and to buy tickets for a third grade fete was made compulsory …. Excellent …..

We endured everything till first year ….. all the compulsory Camlin All India Color Contests ( in the six years I never understood what I painted) …… deadly teaching of deadly teachers like Habdi (nick name)….. all the blames of being arrogant and undisciplined …… But in the final year it was not the teachers who were bossing around ….. It was us who were the boss ….. the tag of being the “worst batch ever” was something we hold up as a pride …..

That last year was really the best in my school life …… Just imagine the scene ….. Teacher teaching maths …… students busy in copying physics homework …. Others droozing …… and suddenly two cool blokes stand up and started exchanging blows …… dhishoom dhishoom …… teacher running to director’s office …… and the the students being escorted away with an air of pride about themselves …. Maths class can be so much fun ……

Or let it be the comparative exams …. 17 dudes absent …..mass bunking the exams does not seemed to be anice idea ….. the principal did not believe that all of us fell ill on the same day …..too bad …… parents rung up as a result……but no letting down of our spirits…….our actions included engineering rockets at the teacher’s back ….. the sound of falling tiffin box ….. comments from the back benchers …… As a result we were shifted to the classroom in front of staff room …. Plus a camera in the room …. Feels like a VIP …..

We use to diagnose all possible angles to avoid camera ….. even rotating camera towards the wall before assembly …. Result = a furious management ….. our moral science classes used to extend a bit more now …. With all the lectures on why should you not throw “I LUV U” chits in the class …… why should you not steal balls from the mouse (Yeah …. Our computer lab resembled Jurassic Era with the absence of digital mouse) ….. why should we not use abusive languages …. Why should we not go to cyber cafes …. Why should we not paste fake leave notices on campus’ gate ….. why should we not snatch lunch from juniors 😉 …… why should we respect teachers (mystery question indeed ) ……

But as they say …. Raat gayi Baat gayi …… every new day same old routine …… and we took all our revenge in our final year …… to the extent that teachers were beaming with joy at our farewell ….. some of the teachers left the college because of us ….. Victory ……. Though I hated my school to the core …. I will always cherish what we did the final year …..