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Nerd !!!


Second sessionals are going on . Having not appeared for the first sessionals , its really important for me to score good marks in DBMS this time around . But here I am . Instead of struggling with SQL , I am spending my time here , chatting , blogging , and blah-blah-ing at twitter 😛 .

You know what I used to be two years back in intermediate ??? I was like , say , even if there was an exam next week , its nerdtime to spend some a lot of  time with the books ????  No television , no time pass , no nothing … and excuse me , what is Internet ?? A classic example of a study bug … a mugger . Had it not been the desk rotation policy in classes , I guess I would have been a first bencher all the way . And guess what … I secured 100% attendance in High School and was also awarded “Most Disciplined Student” ( Disciplined ??? ahemm ahemm…).  Elected as a captain twice in a row ,  92.8% in Xth , 94% in XIIth , my teachers still set my case as an example for the juniors .study ??

And now , two years from then , I have totally turned into a study repellant creature . What has got into me ?? Is this the transition from school to college ?? Can’ be . I still find the existence of a number of muggers here. They study , study , study , study and study ( just like I used to do ) . And when I tag them “book worms” I realize that two years back , someone would have tagged me with the same title too . Is that the reason ( the fear of being mocked at ) that has transformed a mugger ?? Or is this caused due to the lack of parent’s supervision in hostel ?? God only Knows !!!

Now as exams approach , everyone seems to be reminding me a few things again and again …..

  • Semesters are approaching . Start studying now . ( As if studying would delay the semesters 😕 )
  • Books are supposed to be your best friend ( I thought Dog was my best friend 😯 ) .
  • Don’t construct any destructive plans of cheating in theory exams ( cheats are only to be used in practicals 😛 ) .
  • Put a halt to your online activities for some time . No one will hack your account during your absence . ( Me and my hackophobia 😦 )
  • No Counter Strike . No NFS . No AOE for few days . ( That’s just a game . You don’t need to escape a hot pursuit . Neither are the terrorists planting a bomb under your nose )
  • Facebook is your enemy . Twitter is monstrous . Orkut is banned anyway .
  • Stop posting nonsense on your blog for few days . There is no need to reveal your insanity to the whole world .




Go…Go…Go !!!!!!!


What to do ????


It hasn’t been long since the start of fourth semester and look , sessionals are right at the corner . Books appear so alien now . I am looking at the book bank for the first time after I took them from library . Engulfed in a pool of questions , I don’t know where to start from . In the name of preparation for exams I just keep looking again at again at the sessional schedule , the books full of crap knowledge and photocopy of the notes .

What to do know ??? How to see it through ???………………No problem whatsoever . We are techies in making . We got a solution for everything . We know how to cross this obstacle . God has given us a healthy body , and that’s exactly what we are going to use . (P.S. brain is not what we are going to use 😛 )

Pappu can’t paint saala!!!


Well this was pending ….. I was tagged by Mahak to show my talent via. MS paint ….. but after wrestling a bit with MS Paint I realized that Pappu can’t paint saala…. 😦 …… so after I realized that the reason for the low grade I used to score in Art was certainly not because my teacher was a troll ….. I took the liberty to complete this tag with images instead of MS Paint …… 😉

1.Harry Potter















Since I , myself have not done this tag according to rules …. I won’t pass it on to anyone… 🙂