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Desktop vs Laptop


Courtesy to the mass bunk planned on the auspicious occasion of Annual Sports Meet , I am back home earlier than the schedule . (thinking…Dean must have won the gold in 100 m sprint) .

Back from the sucking wi-fi of the college to the marvellous Broadband . Back from the restricted surfing ( May DansGuardian go to hell ) to the unrestricted world wide web . Back from the laptop to my beautiful and powerful Desktop .

Almost after two months of absence , I have again got my hands across my Desktop , thinking why I missed it so much ??

>> Due to some hardware restrictions , I am unable to install XP on my notebook (or for that matter , even Ubuntu) . Its only compatible with Vista (hope a patch is released very soon) . Vista might have better graphics but it consumes a lot of CPU usage , not to forget the irritating UAC and the problems faced during Software Installation (especially games) 😡 .

>> Get your notebook running for few hours continously and it will resemble Goblet of Fire , burning like hell . Whereas my desktop never complaints even if I get it running for consecutive days 🙂 .

>> Intel vs AMD Athlon . Haven’t faced any serious difference yet .

>> 1 GB RAM vs 2 GB RAM . Well that advantage is nullified by the presence of Vista . XP + 1 GB RAM = Vista + 2 GB RAM . No serious loss in processing speed .

>> 256 MB ATI Radeon Graphics card in my notebook !! But what for ?Vista won’t allow an uniterrupted execution of Counter Strike or NFS .i

>> Of course I can carry my notebook , plug it in anywhere I want (sneak into administrative block at midnight where bandwidth is fantastic)

>> 250 GB vs 80 GB ??? Yeah I can store a lot of study material in my notebook as compared to Mr. Desktop .

>> Well you can flip your laptop 360 degrees in the air but won’t dare to perform any such experiment with your desktop . 😉

In short , both the system have their plus points but one thing that is conclusive is that



Assignment # 26 : Mass Bunk


Objective : to convince whole class to bunk a lecture you are not interested to attend

Requirements :  A class with a majority of good for nothing dormant elements , a CR (class representative) who is always ready to get banged , a dumb lecturer , a new release in theatre , few active back benchers.

Theory :

Mass Bunk :

“ The tactical use of the CR ( to convince the fellow muggers ) to achieve your goal of escaping the mental torture that could occur otherwise . This activity is highly appreciated by majority of students and is highly loathed by the faculty and the studious lot . Occasional bunks go unnoticed , but few of them in quick succession will surely get the HOD interested .“

CR :

“The person who is often used by the batchmates as a escape goat when HOD enters the scene . Whatever wrong happens in the jungle, either this person is supposed to have an explanation for that , or else he is a goner . Usually a mugger , one to have a sympathy with “

Back Benchers :

“The masterminds of the jungle , who most often initiate the spark and force the CR to set the jungle on fire . Least interested in study , most of them have a short attendance , the most important component in the bunks ( yet , are never highlighted ) . Usually work in groups and communicate via. code language .”

Result : “A happy bunch of kids going back to do something useful , some to the canteen , others to their respective hostel rooms (all the muggers) and occasionally a few of them head to the HOD to launch a complaint against the anti social elements (carnivores of the jungle) .”

Precautions :

  • Always have a check on how the front row (usually the girls) reacts when the topic is first brought into their notice .
  • Be quick to take your action . If the lecturer appears in the scene , be quick to come back to your position as if you were upto nothing .
  • Always have a control over the CR . An angry CR might lead to 100% classes , which in turn cant get you detained due to short attendance .
  • Play safe . Bunk classes and enjoy life . 😀

The Flickr Tag


Well I am back to the college . Classes have started , but only officially *ahem ahem* . The studious lots have decided not to commence the classes until Republic Day is seen off . So here I am , regretting my decision to return back , a whole week earlier than when I should have . I could have watched half of the Australian Open and another episode of the roadies , had I not rushed back so early 😡 Bad luck . Hostel is still half empty , orkut is still banned in the college and boredom is killing me .

Can’t relate to anything new or exciting to blog about right now . So I took this Flickr tag from Sriharsha .

The rules for the Flickr Tag:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page, pick an image.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into The Mosaic maker

1. What is your first name?

Harsh . In hindi it means “happiness and joy” but the flickr pics liked the english version I guess . Picked this image titled “harsh paintbrush” . 😉

2. What is your favorite food? Right now?

Right now , and everytime . Its butter chicken . yummieeee . 😀

3. What high school did you go to?

St. Antony’s Inter College . Its not the one in the pic . My school was a mental assylum . 😆

4. What is your favorite color?

No second thoughts . Black . A number of beautiful images turned up but this black mamba scored over everyone of them . 8)

5. Who is your celebrity crush?

Emma Watson . All her pics were stunning . It was some job choosing one . 😳

6. Favorite drink?

Cappuccino 🙂

7. Dream vacation?

Paris . Ooh la la …. 😉

8. Favorite dessert?

Chocolate Ice Cream …. Cold and sweet. 8)

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A business tycoon ….

10. What do you love most in life?

Success . There is nothing as tasty as a tablespoon of success .

11. One Word to describe you.

Just four letters . Cool . 8)

12. Your flickr name.

magicalharsh . returned no results 😥 I will go for harry instead .

I pass this tag to everyone on my blogroll . :mrgreen: