Something’s Changed


Well today I am here with a good news as well as a bad news . Which one should I unveil first ?? The good one ??? ….. No ??? …. Ok the bad one then !!!!

The bad news is that I am leaving this blog . I am leaving Magical Me … 😦 …… I won’t be posting anymore here .

Heyy … Don’t worry . That doesn’t mean that the magic will end here . Remember , I mentioned that I have a good news too . So , the good news is that I am transferring Magical Me ….. to my own domain …..

magical me

Isn’t that cool . No more restrictions on the theme I can use , the plugins and widgets I can apply . Infact , I can develop and use my own themes too . 😀

So now I have a request for my readers . Please please please update my blog’s link in your roll . And lets meet me at my new home .

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  1. You had me worried for a moment, no more magical stuff 😦 , but then read rest of the post 🙂 , cool.

    • actually the server of my site is currently down …. due to over traffic (Bandwidth exceeding) … I am praying day and night to get over this … so that I can increase my bandwidth limit and continue blogging 😦 …. Hope it mends soon 😐

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