The Golgappa Competition


3 days back (in the hostel)

Cena (Abhinav) : Everyday when I am done with the coaching , I make my way to the Chaat Corner in the market and help myself with a plate of Golgappa .
Me : I just love Golgappas . I can eat as many as you bring in front of me .
Cena : Whatever amount it may be , you won’t be able to overtake me .
Me : Are you sure ?
Cena : Of course .
Me : Then why don’t we see it for ourself . Lets have a Golgappa Competition . Eat as many as you can . Losers to pay .
Cena : Done .

2 days back (on the way to gym)

Cena : By the way . Have you ever entered into such a competition earlier ?
Me : Yeah I have .
Cena : So ?
Me : So what ? I won . Isn’t that obvious ?
Cena : What was the number ?
Me : It took me 57 to win .
Cena (with a shocking look ) : I back off .
( I smiled . I knew he was an easy opponent )

A little later that day (in hostel)

Ashu : Harry . Why do you make so many cock and bull stories ?
Me : Which story ?
Ashu : You said you went upto 57 . That’s a white lie . When will you give up your habit of crafting stories ?
Me : If you don’t believe me , you can see it for yourself .
Ashu : Cena , don’t believe him . He is lying . You can easily defeat him . Go for it . If you lose , I will be your one-third financer .
Cena : Lets go for it then .
(At this point , I thanked Ashu for convincing Cena back to the competition)

Yesterday (in Sector 10 … our Kurukshetra)

Me : All set for competition ?
Cena : Absolutely .

Suddenly phone rang .
Abhi : Don’t start it . We are on our way . You have got an audience .

So the stage was set . Plates ready . Chaatwaala ready to fire Golgappas into our plates .
The count started . Comments and words of encouragements were coming out rapidly from the spectators ( Abhishek , Vivek , Raghav , Vibhuti , Ashu and Faraz) . The soldiers were standing steadily in the battlefield .


No signs of giving up yet .  Audience was split into two corners , encouraging the contestants to live up to the situation . Counting was not to be stopped .


Half Century . Excellent . Everyone thought that we will hit a century . But at this time , I started losing it . I knew its not long until I vomit it out .


I was a goner by this time . The magic number 57 strikes . I knew I won’t be able to hold it any further .

Vivek : Harry . Do you give up ?

I nodded . And the nod was followed by the vomiting . My stomach was unable to endure it . I lost the battle . Cena was celebrating . We shook hands and like a lost warrior , I made my way to the stairs of the nearest shop and helplessly , I kept looking at my friends having their own share of Golgappas . ( Hoping that atleast they would eat like Homo Sapiens . Afterall , it was loser to pay )

Cena : I never thought I could eat so much . No matter . Well tried .
Me : Yeah Yeah . Well tried indeed . Now give me the bill . (making my way to my wallet , pondering over the bill)


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  1. yaar I toh thgt this golgappa comp was usually held b/w gals

    ek baar maine bhi bade josh mein aa kar part liya….v were 6 gals
    It was a sorta friends party so thnk god no one had to pay!!

    Coz i lost- i cld eat only 10!!!

    Oters ate 42, winner ate 68

    so urs wasn’t a bad try 🙂

    Waise kitne paise lage?? 😛

  2. WOW!! I love gol-gappe… doesn’t matter if you lost. Khaye to sahi na!! hee..hee..

    Ab mere munh mein paani aa raha hai. Need to eat while going back home! 🙂

  3. hey!! i didn’t believe that u have made this incredible effort…but i had to!!
    yet one thing i must admit that only cena could make this task acomplished!! 😀

  4. oh wow wish i was there.. i would have been a strong contender.. 20-25 is just normal can’t eat less than that. 🙂

    in college me and friends used to have golgappa breaks daily .. what fun days.. 🙂

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  6. LOL – serves you right for making up suh stories – is your throat ok? You may have run into fever had it reacted to such a BRUTAL attack on it! 😛

    • I may have run into fever ??? 😯 … well that would have been better … the fever would have served as an excuse for skipping the sessionals …lol ….

      btw , they are starting from tomorrow 😦

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