• Just a week earlier I met a guy who was asking us to fill the UPTU form and appear for the exam . If one secured a rank in the top 20000 he will be paid 5000 bucks . Why ?? The student securing the rank was supposed to appear for the counselling and vacate his seat . That way that seat will go to the management quota and will be sold for lacs of rupees .

• The guards at the entrance of our campus won’t allow us to go out until we promise them cigarettes in return .

• The conductor in the bus will charge you just 5 bucks instead of 8 if you don’t ask him for the ticket .

• You won’t be receiving your scholarship until you promise to give a good share of it to Mr.X . Even if you are not eligible for the scholarship , its no big deal . Just pay Mr.X his part and you will be fine .

• Guys who have applied for the PAN card a week earlier , paying Rs.200 (against a lot lower official amount) have received their PAN card and those who went for the legal ways are still waiting .

• You want your Driving License but you don’t know how to drive ??? We all know that it doesn’t matter whether you know how to drive or not . You will get the DL anyway .

These are the few incidents I came across in last couple of weeks . Thought of listing them down . Btw , elections are coming . Is there any corruption free party in the scene whom I could vote ??


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  1. oops!! niether i have my voter id nor PAN card!!! 😦
    moreover i dont have any idea about which party shud b win… 😛
    but i m intrested in voting first time in my life!!! 🙂
    so if u get any idea abt least currupted party whome i cud vote…. then plz tell me!! 😀

  2. ‘Corruption-free’ & ‘political party’ (esp. in India) is an Oxymoron!!! 😛

    Oh, btw, Conductors do it for Rs.3?? Here, they do it even for 50p.

  3. Two 50p will make a rupee. 🙂
    I don’t think corruption and politics could be separated ever. So we just have to figure out who is the smaller thief and vote for him!

  4. Harsh bro….seeing u quite serious tis time…whoa 🙂

    r u gonna vote…I have already forced millions of ppl in my family to do it, threatening them with god-knows-what (My cousin bro -with breaking his cell. Mom dad -with watching tv all day, for election news and stuff. Elder cousins for troublignt hem,ulling ahir etc :P)
    Am i not gr8? 😛

    Kair….d guard shld b complained abt to the authorities….mere locality mein ters a guy whoz only 16 n has his dl….he drives rashly, already got into accidents twice….dunno y the parents allow!

    PS_ sorry for hogging so much of ur comment space all the time….I know how irritating i can get 😛

    • I have been waiting for my PAN card since ages .. and I haven’t received any update yet 😡 … This rare serious post is a result of this incident….

      and yes , I am surely gonna vote this time … so don’t give me any threat … lol … and you broke your bro’s cell for not voting ??? … Ultimate 😛 … that will surely wake him up … Jaago Re

  5. sure yaar
    ek tih do kaudi ke cell se itna style maarta tha…toh ek teer se do nishaane….he gt anew cell- LG COOKIE (its far bttr than d last one) n then he’s voting too


    No threats 😛

    • ha ha …. lol …. he must be thanking you for the new phone 😛 ….

      New step govt should take to ensure that youth participate in elections : give them a brand new phone 😉

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