Boyz Night Out


Our college’s annual inter-college technical fest Jagriti ended yesterday . The three days of Jagriti were really awesome and we enjoyed it to the brim ( Afterall a break from studies is always welcomed by us ) . Now what ? Back to studies ? Obviously , semesters are approaching . But before going back to the same old routine , we decided to celebrate the last study-free days in our own way . Someone coined an idea of invading the roads of Delhi right through the night , until Sun appears to end the party . Everyone agreed and slowly but surely , after a few arrangements , we had nine bikes and twenty engineers ready to take off .

Warden allowed us to leave the campus on the condition that we won’t return until the broad daylight . We were not in much of a hurry anyway . First thing first , it was made sure that petrol tank of all the bikes were more than filled with the fuel . But the things didn’t went exactly as planned . A puncture in the back tyre of one of the bikes ( and that too , twice 😦 ) delayed our caravan by one hour . As a result , we wereIndia Gate not able to enter New Delhi until 1’0 clock . But as they say , better late than never . Once in the capital , we were flying towards our first and foremost destination . No points for guessing . India Gate .

No doubt India Gate is a wonderful piece of architecture . Its beautiful . You could actually look at it continously for a day or two and still want to have a better look at the masterpiece . While we were parking our bikes , we were surprised to see a noticeable number of people gathered near India Gate , this late at night ( or should I say , early in the morning) . Guess what !!! On our way towards India Gate , we heard someone shout “Lights…Camera…Action” . There was a shooting in progress . It was Pankaj Kapoor shooting for his upcoming movie “Office Office” . Never ever a trip to India Gate was so exciting . A salute for India gateSoon enough , after the pack up , it was time for us to click a pose . Snaps for every possible angle were captured and after admiring India Gate for some time , we were back to the roads of the capital .

Our next spot was the famous Gurudwara at Bangla Sahib . After washing my hands and feet , when I entered the place , I was spellbound to see how beautiful the Gurudwaara looked amidst the lake . I have never been to a Gurudwara before . So obviously , it was a moment to remember for me . We stayed there for about an hour . It was so relaxing and a lovely feeling staying there . All the headache which was caused by the numerous mishappenings caused at the Sky Fest had gone by now .

On the roads again . We took care to avoid any police car patrolling the roads . Many of the guys didn’t had the license + many bikes had papers missing + few bikes without the rear view mirror + three bikes were enjoying tripling + few of us were without helmet as well . Enough reasons for the cops to gift us fine . But lucky we were , as we did not experience any such misfortune . Making our way from the Red Fort to Rajghaat , Feroz Shah Kotla to Cannaught Palace , finally we were back in hostel at around 6 A.M.

Last night was one to remember . Riding on the empty roads of Delhi , with the peers , all night long was an experience of lifetime .


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  1. Wow!! Lucky You!!! 😀 I can imagine what fun it could be to ride the bikes in the tranquility of night!! Awesome!!

    To be honest, I m also slightly jealous!! 😛

  2. I envy boys – Girls are never allowed to go out like that in the middle of the night! 😦

    At least not in my culture!

  3. delhi is surely one of the most beautiful city 😛 ( hmm…..being a delhiite i am definitely a little biased 😆 and in this post i am full of praises plus criticism ………just check out the link )
    i too visited bangla sahib last week … was my first visit and i too was impressed.
    the pond they have ……its just so serene and peaceful
    it was surely one night to remember 😛

    • When I saw Pankaj Kapoor , I wished it was not “Office Office” but RDB that was being shooted then and there … 😀 … would have been such a treat to watch 🙂

  4. You have made made me nostalgic man…
    Its really awesome fun in tech fests…aaahhh…those golder college days!!!
    n India Gate @ Night is really a thing to watch… 🙂
    njoy the college life as much as u can…it wont come back again.. 😉

  5. wow….lucky u…this tym…I too feel lyk going to delhi 😦

    I’m still thnking 9 bikes pe 20 log kaise baithe? Do pe 3 kaise baithe 🙂

    india gate pahunch ke aapko uska architecture dekhne ka tym kaise milla….mein aur mere cousins jaate hain aur wahan picnic karte hain….hum 6-7 baar gaye hain lekin kabhi dhyaan se dekha bhi nai 😛

    Bangla sahib jaa kar mera bhi same ditto reaction…had nvr been to a gurudwara before ;P

    Lucky u guys

    • tripling karna majboori thi 😛 …. we were lucky not to get caught by a cop … 😀

      have you visited India Gate at night ??? … It looks stunning … its very difficult to get your eyes away from it … it looks gorgeous 🙂

  6. hey it brought back some fond memories of my college days in Pune. Truly the best days of my life.
    Enjoy your days, it will never come back 🙂

  7. wow!! that is so cool!!
    I’ve been to bangla Sahib. It is really beautiful, especially during sunset. The orange of the sun and gold of the gurudwara dome make an awesome sight!!
    India gate is damn awesome 2!! I felt really proud to be an Indian when I visited and I never realised how many Jawans we have lost until I saw the names carved there…

  8. “Many of the guys didn’t had the license + many bikes had papers missing + few bikes without the rear view mirror + three bikes were enjoying tripling + few of us were without helmet as well .”

    What a combo! Some policemen just got unlucky! 😛

    Great fun it must’ve been!

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