Desktop vs Laptop


Courtesy to the mass bunk planned on the auspicious occasion of Annual Sports Meet , I am back home earlier than the schedule . (thinking…Dean must have won the gold in 100 m sprint) .

Back from the sucking wi-fi of the college to the marvellous Broadband . Back from the restricted surfing ( May DansGuardian go to hell ) to the unrestricted world wide web . Back from the laptop to my beautiful and powerful Desktop .

Almost after two months of absence , I have again got my hands across my Desktop , thinking why I missed it so much ??

>> Due to some hardware restrictions , I am unable to install XP on my notebook (or for that matter , even Ubuntu) . Its only compatible with Vista (hope a patch is released very soon) . Vista might have better graphics but it consumes a lot of CPU usage , not to forget the irritating UAC and the problems faced during Software Installation (especially games) 😡 .

>> Get your notebook running for few hours continously and it will resemble Goblet of Fire , burning like hell . Whereas my desktop never complaints even if I get it running for consecutive days 🙂 .

>> Intel vs AMD Athlon . Haven’t faced any serious difference yet .

>> 1 GB RAM vs 2 GB RAM . Well that advantage is nullified by the presence of Vista . XP + 1 GB RAM = Vista + 2 GB RAM . No serious loss in processing speed .

>> 256 MB ATI Radeon Graphics card in my notebook !! But what for ?Vista won’t allow an uniterrupted execution of Counter Strike or NFS .i

>> Of course I can carry my notebook , plug it in anywhere I want (sneak into administrative block at midnight where bandwidth is fantastic)

>> 250 GB vs 80 GB ??? Yeah I can store a lot of study material in my notebook as compared to Mr. Desktop .

>> Well you can flip your laptop 360 degrees in the air but won’t dare to perform any such experiment with your desktop . 😉

In short , both the system have their plus points but one thing that is conclusive is that


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  1. Aye to the last line! 😀 gonna try Win7 when its released?

    If not for my pre-historic processor, my comp ‘d hav been a dream to work with, on Ubuntu of course! 😉 however, no qualms about using linux. it rox! 🙂

  2. Vista sucks that is for sure. 🙂

    i love working on a desktop. laptop is handy but as Reema said typing is tough, somehow my curser always seems to jump out of place. and typing the digits also takes more time.

  3. @Reema….those delicate keypads are surely tough to handle … even attaching an external keyboard doesn’t make life much easier….

    @Su….Ofcourse Ubuntu Rox….and @windows 7….few guys are already using it … Pirates of Windows 😉

    @Oorja…..sometimes the touchpad seems to have a mind of its own … I hardly work on my lappie without a mouse attached to it …

    @Amit…No XP for me.. 😦 … still waiting for some miracle …

  4. haary bro,,,,,,yes i know it hurts when u see other peoples playing nfs and counter strike and u r unable to install ur laptop…but i think the basic problem is vista not laptop…
    hoping to get a better operating system….and sure it should be compatible to all laptops…..:)

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  6. @Rashmi…yeah the laptop somehow constraints you 😦

    @Moi…ohh really??…I am right there … 😀

    @Sakhi… :O … that makes me think of “Bye Bye laptop”…

  7. Well Harsh, this is my first time here. Though I hate Harry Potter, I feel a person shouldn’t be judged just by whether he/she likes that book. 😀 Anyway, I can understand your situation. Who doesn’t hate Vista? Ok, fine. I will let you in on a secret. ok? Even the people at Microsoft don’t like Vista. 😀 Its not that Vista sux. It just that WINDOWSUX. 😀 😛

    • First of all , welcome to my blog 😀

      @Harry Potter … I know many people hate Harry Potter … can’t help it , everyone has their choice 😀 😛

      @Vista … In total agreement … I always find Ubuntu a lot better than Windows … but still , in some fields (as in designing)XP is worth using … but Vista hasn’t got any worth… the only advantage with Vista is its graphics (and that too at the cost of a lot of memory ) … 😡

    • I agree that XP has some advantages over Ubuntu with respect to development. I am a web developer myself and I can’t help but use XP for the reason that I need to check cross-browser compatibility. 🙂

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