~~!! My best friends at RKGIT . May our Dostaana continue forever !!~~


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  1. All good but naughty boys. Hmm – I dont see any DOSTAANA effect in there – sad! 😛

    My hubby has a group of 9 from college – hope you are in contact with them at our age just as we are still in touch with them, know their kids, and will be there at marriages of the kids as well – hopefully. 😉

  2. @amit….our group is “definitely male” … 😉


    @asma….a lot of time to go …. haven’t planned for kids yet …. lol ….till then … just rock on … 😉

  3. this is my biggest failure. i have neva been deeply associated wit any gang. all frnz I have are very close to me, but not in the same gang. never!

  4. @vibhu….. 😆

    @ambika…. that means that we have our attention in every direction and are ready to ciunter any alien attack thats launched on us 😛

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