-U.S. Open :2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
-Australian Open :2004, 2006, 2007
-Wimbledon :2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
-Roland Garros :Finals 2006, 2007, 2008
-Tournaments Won : 57 singles, 8 doubles

It was during Wimbledon 2003 . 7 times champion Pete Sampras against the new sensation Roger Federer . The match was a classic 5 setter and in the end , Federer saw the better of Pete and took away the match . Since then I have supported Fedex in every game of his . He has been the perfect athlete , the king of tennis , world no. 1 for continous 237 weeks , 13 grand slams under his belt and last but not the least , my role model .

A loss of Indian team in a cricket team doesn’t disappoint me so much as  one of the Federer’s defeat in a tennis match . Arguably the best player ever to have stepped upon the grass court . His fantastic range of shots , the powerful serve , masterful forehand and not to forget his one handed graceful backhand , makes him a delight to watch in a tennis match .

I am a die hard fan of the Swiss Symphony and just can’t bear his defeat . When he cried after his defeat at the Australian Open this year , I could not help switching off the TV . He would have been at par with Sampras’ recored had he conquered Rafae in the final . But it was not to be . Once again , he lost to the Spaniard in a 5 setter in another grand slam Final . Rafael Nadal has been his nightmare . He has replaced the king from the top but that by no means suggests that he is better than Federer . Dhoni may be no. 1 in rankings but he is no match for Sachin . Same goes in the case of Roger and Rafael .

The signs are obvious that Federer era is almost over . This Roland Garros might be his last chance to complete his dream of a perfect slam . He might win it , or he might end his career without it (like Sampras ) . But undoubtedly he has been a great champion and whatever people may suggest , I have found him very humble and polite by nature . A perfect gentleman and a perfect sportsman . Wishing him best of luck for his shot at French Open and his 14th grand slam crown .Good luck King !!!


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  1. @Reema… 🙂

    @Amit….he truly deserved that … there is always a bit of luck involved in 5 setters …. so close yet so far ….

    @Sakhi….. do watch Federer in action on his day and I bet , you will forget Agassi … 😀

  2. not into sports at all.. so really unaware of these talents Harsh.. be it a cricket as well.. am too far.. 🙂 but I liked the way you put forward simply awesome.. Wishing you and your role model all the very best 😉

  3. Tennis..umm.. I do watch it.. But just the important matches..!
    I agree with you that his defeats to Nadal doesn’t mean he is any less!! But there’s always an end to a great era.. And I guess we see the transition happening..
    All the best to him for the French Opens, but there’s still time for that. Instead, all the best to you for your internals 😛 how did they go??

  4. @latha….thnx a lot… 😀

    @ambika… first 3 went fine …. bunked the fourth one … preparing for the last one which is to be held tomorrow …. 😉 … Best of luck to me 😛

  5. Fedex is No 1 in my eyes as his game is far more superior than Nadal. He is a better player. Nadal is emotional, and though he may have won now, its becasue Federer backed off a bit – had Federer been in top form, Nadal couldnt have beaten him – After all, Federer was the top man for a long long time.

    I love tennis and especially Wimbledon. 🙂

  6. I like Fedx as a player, but I am a fan of Nadal, he is 22 and awesome, Federer can be humble only when he is winning, look at his recent intreviews :).
    The debate if he is the best or not will continue forever.
    My all time favourite will always be Pete Sampras , he was the hero of my teens 🙂 , and he had some pretty tough opponents too. I cried with him during the Aussie open, would pray for him, and would be so sad if he lost any match 🙂

  7. @ambika….arbaaz khan ?? :O …. lol … never thought of that 😛

    @Nadal….yeah there is always a debate over who is better and who is best of ’em all …. I was not inclined towards tennis at all until federer came …. used to read about Pete only in newspapers …. 😀

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