What to do ????


It hasn’t been long since the start of fourth semester and look , sessionals are right at the corner . Books appear so alien now . I am looking at the book bank for the first time after I took them from library . Engulfed in a pool of questions , I don’t know where to start from . In the name of preparation for exams I just keep looking again at again at the sessional schedule , the books full of crap knowledge and photocopy of the notes .

What to do know ??? How to see it through ???………………No problem whatsoever . We are techies in making . We got a solution for everything . We know how to cross this obstacle . God has given us a healthy body , and that’s exactly what we are going to use . (P.S. brain is not what we are going to use 😛 )


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  1. Firstly, there’s a mistake.. its Crap, not Knowledge..!!
    Secondly, a tip.. I also use the back of my Admit Card..!!
    Thirdly.. a wish.. May your ‘HiDDeN’ skills take you through the torment..!


  2. @latha…thnx 😀

    @ambika….thnx for the rectification…. 😉 …… using admit card as a chit :O …. never thought that way … thanx for d advice … :mrgreen:

  3. Why write on hand??? Back in my days, the first thing the examiner checked was hands and arms for hidden notes. Leather strap in watch – good choice. 🙂
    You have the hands of a technical person – also, very strong support line – you have someone backing you up in your life. Its so dark it can be seen through the notes you are preparing on the hand. 😛

  4. Seeing your lines, I believe you have great trouble expressing your feelings too – the heart line branches off after such a long gap from the beginning of the life line! You are an introvert. Good luck line. 😉

  5. @vikas….everyone seems to have tried this once or more …. cheating in exams feels so good … isn’t it 😛

    @asma…..wo ho….you seem to have a very deep insight into palmistry ….. btw can you tell me something about my love line… 😉 😛

  6. lolz….nice one, you wrote a post on that, be careful, what if your teacher finds it 🙂 instead of hand, better use the legs, i have tried it and have being successful too!! cheers!!

  7. @moi…. lol …. they won’t find it….and even if they do …. thay can’t do anything unless I am caught red handed :mrgreen: …. even Indian Constitution Aticle 0 says ,”You can’t detain a student on discovering cheating tactics on his/her blog” …. 😆

  8. as u know harry i always use a pencil to write all the farmulas and truth tables on the tables -:)
    and we hv some plans to implement in this semester

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