Are we again in a state of Cyber War ???


Today , while I was chatting with one of my friends , he told me not to download anything from the popular MP3 download website as you can get few viruses injected in your system …. On searching the web over this topic I came across this article on thought of sharing it with everyone …..

The official website of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (OGRA),, was hacked by a group of Indian hackers on November 17, 2008. The hackers also left a message on front page of the website that they would hack any website with poor security controls.

In Response to OGRA Website hacked by HMG Indian group yesterday Pakistani hackers group Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) hacked Oil and Gas Corporation Ltd India website and some other sites of India.
Other Sites.

PCA left following message on

This is a message from PCA for HMG(script_kiddies) in return to the ogra defacement.
Backoff , go read some course books else you will loose both, your name and this game.
We will literally SMOKE YOUR DOORS OFF like other groups did before.
This is just a warning to Indian authorities either
to launch inquiry against HMG or get ready for more action.
We were sleeping but not Dead.
Now Face the consequences
HAroon + HAmza + ABunasar
Naveed + Hassan
Pakistan ZindaBad

PCA asked Indian authorities to take action against HMG (the group that hacked OGRA’s website). The most notable part of this defacement is
This is just a warning to Indian authorities either to launch inquiry against HMG or get ready for more action.

PCA member says: “OGRA’s website was hacked by a Indian Script kiddes, who was actually not aware of the consequences. But his little mistake may fan the fire of cyber war between India and Pakistan. Exactly the same was as it happened before; meaning that a little mistake is going to lead us to a situation which can damage both countries’ websites.”

Previously, both countries remained in state of cyber war during 1997 to 2002. From Pakistan’s side the war was fought by Dr. Nuker, the founder of PHC “Pakistan Hackers Club” and MFRD, founder of G-force. These two groups were responsible for defacing hundreds of Indian websites, and broke all previous records of cyber war history. Both of the Pakistani Groups then settled issues with NEO, an Indian hacker to conclude that 5 years running Cyber war.


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  1. For me it is shocking!! Well, I am not too much into this cyber world so everything seems so shocking.

    So, should we not download songs from

  2. @su…welcome to my blog 🙂

    the latest update over the issue is :

    “Joint statement of PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(pakbugscrew)

    PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa(pakbugscrew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors,HMG) PCA (Pakistan Cyber Army) and Zombie_ksa (pakbugs crew) comes into friendly terms with ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors, HMG). After a meeting, all of the three groups agreed not to deface each other’s websites. It all happened when people from these groups realized that there is no use of such defacement and they should be instead involved in constructive work.

    Apart from that , poor defaced organizations suffer from these activities.PCA, zombie_ksa and ICW is not responsible for the activities performed by other groups from both countries

    A series of defacing each other’s government websites, we as well as PCA and PakBugs feels that this is not going to solve any problem and the things will only gets worse. The guys from ICW, PCA and pakBugs are all very talented and instead of harming each other we can help each other to tighten the securities of our sites and servers. So after a discussion with all ICW, PCA and PakBugs members, we would like to announce that we all quite this here and we will not hack each other’s sites.

    From now on if any one hacks any sites/servers or claims the hack to be done by either ICW or PCA or PakBugs, we will not be responsible for this. We all r sorry for the trouble and inconvenience caused by all of us

    with regards,

    PCA Team, PakBugs and Team ICW “

    thankfully it has ended , or atleast it seems to be !!!

  3. Hi All,
    I stumbled on this post because I have to write a posting tomorrow about Blog Security. Looking at some reactions, I think some kids read this blog also. I’m a sytem engineer who was involved in building the Interenet. In the early nineties I learned to know Hacktic ( These guys were socialy engaged and reacted against the allmightyness of computers as it was put then. Now these guys are system Engineers, work at RIPE etc… but they still meet regularly see: and also my statement about hacking

    Now about cyberwars. It’s an allusion to think that assymetries you find in society, in diplomacy, in warfare are not reflected on the Net. There are more cyberwars ongoing then one can imagine. e.g. the Chinese are very active hacking US military sites.

  4. oh! tht was a good move. I support the motive of strengthening the securities of our own country’ sites. Prolly, we should have two different teams from India who work complementary to each other, but under the same wing. This will increase competitive spirit within the organisation/group.

  5. @Daniel … yeah I also heard about Chinese hackers trying to get into US defences … hard nut to crack though !!

    @Su … yeah that is a good news indeed … there is nothing worth in such wars !! 😐

  6. @ayesha…everyone is 😡

    @amit…there isn’t any much logic behind any war anyways … just the constant rivalry , effort to prove urself to be supreme … the effort to avenge others , leads to such type of situation …

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