Pappu can’t paint saala!!!


Well this was pending ….. I was tagged by Mahak to show my talent via. MS paint ….. but after wrestling a bit with MS Paint I realized that Pappu can’t paint saala…. 😦 …… so after I realized that the reason for the low grade I used to score in Art was certainly not because my teacher was a troll ….. I took the liberty to complete this tag with images instead of MS Paint …… 😉

1.Harry Potter















Since I , myself have not done this tag according to rules …. I won’t pass it on to anyone… 🙂


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  1. @sahaja…..I figured that out soon…pencil was atleast easier to handle than the mouse…….and since I was no good with pencil , mouse didn’t stood a chance….. 😉

  2. @amit….thats mah favorite too …. can picturize myself the first day I entered in the city … situation was quite similar…. harsh in the big city…. 😆

  3. same here … mouse seemed to have a brain of its own ….. the best I could do with it was to make a straight line or a circle …. felt like a was doing some geometry again 😡

  4. actually, it is easier than it appears to be. I brought out this tag to give a break to regular tagging business and add some spice. to do it with an adventure spirit and not just for the heck of doin it. But, u’ve shown enuf creativity in selecting the pictures. 🙂

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