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Congrats! Your blog has been shortlisted for the Top 15 blogs which are eligible for voting from the 100’s of entries.

All the selected blogs were selected and displayed in :

# From the top 15,  3 blogs (2 English and 1 Regional) will be selected by voting
# Voting ends on Nov 27th

Start your campaign and ask your visitors to vote for you.

Happy Voting 🙂


That’s what my yahoo inbox read when I logged in a few hours ago ……. I love to win ….infact , who doesn’t …… and surely I would love to win this contest , certainly not without support of all of you ……

So if you like my blog please vote for my blog magicalharsh over HERE ….. and as they say…. HAPPY VOTING ….. 😀


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  1. @vidya……yeah…I know…..all set to up my campaign (P.S. exams are right at the corner though)….. 😀 ….

    @sakhi….thanks a lot….. 😀 …. yayyy…..

  2. Heyyyyyy Harshuuuu u rock anywhere!! U r the topper ryt now! 😀 my friends and I jus voted for you 😉 will keep doing that whenever possible within these 2 days lol

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