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  1. Ha…ha..ha… you did this!! But on a serious note, this is dangerous. If you can do it, means so many other people can do this too! And thats the reson in the western world , the identity is snatched from people!!

    Anyways, its good of you not to have sneaked in your friends accounts!! 🙂

  2. @Sakhi…..you are absolutely correct…..if one is ignorant , its a piece of cake to hack into his/her account ……no doubt , its very dangerous …… I was ethical enough not to do anything , everyone is not … 😉

  3. Harsh, I have had many similar experiences, mostly from girls (have you ever heard about any GEEK girl, or may the word is made for boys 😀 )
    So better stop saying you can do it, even you can 😀

  4. ha ha ha

    I keep facing this…I have a habit of hiding logon ki cheez if they leave it unattended.

    Such is my reputation that am the usual & first suspect if anybody misplaces something…..

  5. Harsh , I am sooooo afraid 🙂
    I read u’r quirked post , now the first point makes more sense. Remember, what goes around comes around 😀

  6. @manoj …… yeah I cartainly learned a lesson …….. will make sure not to repeat it … 🙂

    @vidya…. what goes around comes around !!! :O ….. I pray it doesn’t come around to my side …. 😦

  7. Can you teach us all how to hack accounts ?!!
    Its dangerous and all…but a lot of fun isn’t it ?!

    Don’t cry ‘wolf’ , when there is no ‘wolf’ , even if there are few wolfs around!

    Very familiar ! 😀

  8. when shirley lies she believes her own lies we have her in a corner she will not be able to make any move digitally so do not worry world we are monitoring her

  9. @kharabboy…..dude…dude…dude….am not a hacking teacher …. it was just one of those funny incidents which shook my friends from head to toe…. 😛 …… btw you can find some noob tricks here

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