What other dream could I have



Yesterday while I was dusting down an old collection of mine …… which comprised of all those wwe and cricket cards , a huge bunch of pokemon tazzos and zenga cards ( I still remember how I used to buy Uncle Chips almost every other day in order to collect these things…..) , a lot of tattoos and stickers (I don’t know for what I saved them …. ) , few of my horrible paintings (some of them were really very very horrible indeed…..) and few of those group photographs with my classmates ………not to mention few uninvited guests in the form of spider and roaches who seemed to find a shelter in that old box …….

While I was turning over pages of a diary , I encountered a piece of parchment that was strategically placed somewhere in the middle ….. I closely looked at the words scribbled on the paper…….It was a poem…..and that too in my handwriting……Inference….sometime back in high school , a poet took birth within me for a day or two …..

The poem sounds a bit childish ….. and is dedicated to my favorite game then , TENNIS……it goes off the tone at few places …. but still I would love to share it with you ……It starts like this….

What other dream could I have
but to go to All England Tennis Club

to see class of Roger Federer
who hardly commits any error

to see serve of Andy Roddick
who is simply fantastic

to see swiftness of Lleyton Hewitt
whose shots makes his opponent sweat

to see Andre Agassi’s service return
seeing which even the moon burns

to see stylish Pete Sampras
who easily surpasses everyone’s class

to see volley of Tin Henman
who is the pride of Great Britain

to see Leander Paes’ attitude
watching whom is itself a gratitude

to see Rafael Nadal’s power play
who is undoubtedly king of the clay

to see Sharapova’s forehand
which receives an applause from the stand

to see Jimmy Connor’s sportsmanship
which makes him win so many championships

to see Navratilova’s lovely nature
which provides her such a high stature

to see win in a tie-break of Nicolas Keifer
which makes his opponent’s coach whisper

to see the upset created by Giles Muller
whom tennis ball complaint to be a killer

and to hear Vijay Amritraj’s comment on the center court
who is as usual wearing his stylish black coat .

The ending might not be very convincing……..but don’t forget I was just a one day old novice poet …… Do give me a bit of excuse …… 😛


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  1. This is trully very remarkable piece of poem !! Loved it…a remarkable feat for one day old poet….very interesting and very amusing….keep it up…


    [PS: I would like to read more from that poet who should be a bit older now :)]

  2. Hi Harsh…new to ur place but loved it nonetheless…awesome blog…awesome posts! Am hooked one and will b visiting regularly 😛

    Nice….I mean sweet and cute 😛

  3. @ Ravinder and mystical …… really glad you liked it ….,, although it sounds more like a tournament than a poem … 😛 …. keep visiting.. 😉

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