Call it my luck …. Or call it my precise selective study…..I managed to tame my sessional exams pretty easily……leaving apart just one paper of Networks , everything went according to the plan…..The Diwali celebrations late at night prior to the last sessional , followed by a clash between two groups of students and invasion of the HOD into the boy’s hostel , didn’t prove to be any hindrance ……

Festival of lights , Deepavali is just around the corner …… Its festive time …… holidays are on …… everyone is back home to celebrate the festival ……. No studies for a few days now …..

Meanwhile , I was tagged by Mahak to reveal 6 quirky things about me …… Thanks for my first ever tag ….. 😀

Going by the dictionary…..

quirk : a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism

  1. I have a phobia that everyone on this planet has got a keylogger installed on his system …… and as soon as I will log into my account through his sytem my account will be hacked …….. this habit of mine force me to use all types of techniques to remain safe (like keying in first two letters of my password and then write something random in search bar , so as to be at the safer side ) ……. Most of the time I end up typing in the wrong password and thus , killing a lot of time …..  😦
  2. Whenever I encounter a cuckoo singing on the treetops , I can’t help but to imitate the voice ….. just repeat the same “kuhoo kuhoo” a couple of times and see how energetically the bird replies with few more of those melodious calls , hoping to find a new friend ….. a friend who can’t be found at the tree tops , most certainly….. 😉
  3. I don’t know how and when It happened …… but I have developed an addiction to the back bench and love being called a “back bencher “ …….. Even if the whole class is empty , I will always shoot for one of the chairs in the last row …… In the worst case scenario , when I can’t find a seat in the last row , I will prefer to walk out of the class instead of being a part of those muger front benchers ….. 😡
  4. Last year in my hostel , ironically , lights of the bathroom of my lobby used to go nuts within one or two days of repair …… At that time , I developed a peculiar habit for enjoyment ….. I used to hide in the dark and pounce on any victim who used to enter the red alert area …… Most of them , unaware of the attack , used to shriek on getting the surprise …… I still remember , once the trick flipped back on me …… One of those inhabitant of my lobby got so frightened of the attack , that he lodged a full fledged attack on me as an action of self defence …… I did received a few healthy blows on my head ….. 😀
  5. Of late I have let go of one of the superstitions that I used to follow before appearing in any exam ….. I don’t remember Exactly what they were …… But there was a different task to be done for every day of the week ….. for instance , on Monday , I used to look at my image in mirror beforing departing for the exam centre ….. on Tuesday , I used to lick curd , or anything sweet ……. On Wednesday , I was supposed to drop a coin in a tumbler kept at the entrance of my home…… I don’t exactly remember the ceremony on other days of the week …… my mother was my guide , as most of the Indian moms are ….. 😛
  6. Whenever I am travelling alone in train , I always have to face a battle with sleep ……. I always have a fear that the train will get past my destination while I am lost in my dreams …… Even though I set alarm to my rescue , I can’t help but to check the time at regular intervals and asking the co-pessengers which station train has just crossed 🙂

Thats it with my quirks …… finished with the tag …….

Passing the tag to mystical , Vidya and Shivya


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  1. Oh! Ive been tagged. I’ll complete it after Diwali , its almost a homework 🙂
    So u’r through with your sessional 🙂 must be feeling relieved right. I always did 🙂
    Happy Diwali.

  2. the feeling you go through on the eve of last exam ….. just praying for the next few hours to fly by ….. praying for the exams to get over …..

    Though I am through with the sessionals …. yet am not relieved……there is another one right at the the other end of diwali holidays …. 😦

    Have a happy and prosperous Diwali


  3. hey harshu!
    read ur post!..u rock dude!!…exams ka tension kise nai hota??…and i think i share d same habit or “quirky thing” of imitating cuckoos and poking out my head to watch for my station weneva i travel by train!!…so i related wid dis post a lot!

    lge rho baccha!!…nazar na lge![:p]

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