Hum Kis Gali ja Rahe hain…..Apna koi thikaana Nahi


Sessionals are just around the corner and I am totally strangled right now …… One , I don’t know which Branch I am in ….. Two , my attendance is hardly 50% …… Three , who the hell wants to study ??? …… Just waiting for the carry over results to be released …… because that will mean an earlier attention towards my application for branch change …… Earlier it looked all easy …… but now I am in such a condition that if I am forced to continue with EC , I will be devastated …… thanks to the college management who keeps on delaying everything they can and won’t listen to you unless you burn crackers at their tail …..


Studies apart , I have just witnessed an eventful last month ….. It all started with a first year student attempting suicide because of the so called ragging ( ragging a junior is next to impossible in our college , provided the Z-level security granted to them ) , bringing our college’s name in limelight with all newspapers advertising the name of RKGIT …… and still now , even when freshers party is over , condition is such that they will file a FIR against you if you even stare at him ……. Wow !!! what an atmosphere …… with almost nil interaction between juniors and seniors …… I don’t know where we are heading for …..


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