proud to be a back-bencher


Symbol-No official symbol.We use BB for convenience.
Atomic No.-420
Atomic Weight-Not available
Laboratory preparation-Last row+Stupidity+Carelessness in the presence of Negativity yield it in a considerable amount.
In free state,BB is found widely in front rows of theatres,near water tanks and girl colleges and hostels.In combined state,it is found on the back of the classroom.
Physical Properties-BB is a basic element of all schools.It produces a large amount of sound pollution while reacting.
Chemical Properties-BB is a vigorous reader.It reads the manuscript faster than the mother-tongue.It is extremely sensitive to the latest movies and fashions.Passing comments,debating on any issue not related to education and bunking are other characteristic properties.
Uses and Abuses-Unfortunately,BB has not got any purposeful use,rather it is a great abuse to people.It is the headache of college,a good social worker,an all time friend and random interclass browser.It can control the class very efficiently if gets monitorship.It is a good reducing agent and is particularly involved in reducing the teachers’ patience.


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