Caught in the undertow


My college is about to start in a fortnight and the thing that’s troubling me now is my branch ….. last year , during counselling , I opted for EC in RKGIT even though I was totally dedicated towards CS ….. the reason being that I was determined to force a change in the branch the coming year ….

The results are already out and I found myself standing at no.3 in the college …. If I take the verdict of my buddies the branch change is sure ….. but still one never knows how many seats are empty and what are the chances ….. I have to start second year with EC and will be spending first few weeks blindly in the class , not knowing what I am supposed to study …. Switching or DBMS ….. Circuiting or HTML ….

Keeping the fingers crossed and hoping for the best …. Hoping to study something I am really interested in ….. Hoping not to say after fourth year that “My biggest agony in my engineering life is that I am an electronics guy “ !!!!!


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  1. hmm.. Interest is always a part of life!! but when you jus said in your last topic that thinking would change anything.. why can’t you do the same thing here buddy??

  2. but why should you want to change something if you can get the thing as you want it ….. i have no interest experimenting that fact on my engineering ….. but if somehow i can’t get what i want surely i would take your advice … 😉

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