Where are we heading for


Whenever someone comes across a B.Tech student of fourth year , the first question that comes up is that ARE YOU PLACED ???…….. that’s the trend of the day ….. Even the students ….. may be of any year or any aspirant …… the only goal that he has in his mind is to get placed somewhere …… Last week when I encountered one of my junior’s parent during the counseling , the first question he asked was ,”What is the placement of this college like ?” …..

I , by no means , am suggesting that one should not go for jobs and just sit blankly at home ….. The question that frequently comes in my mind is that is getting placed the sole aim why one becomes engineer ….. Obviously no one wants to be unemployed ….. but why is everyone satisfied with the same 9 to 9 job in some multinationals …. Same 3 – 4 lac package ….. working under someone else and then getting retired after some time ….. there exists another land beyond the horizon which we don’t want to see ….

There are still a few things left that Google can’t search, software can’t solve and mortals don’t understand. One such mystical thing is the perfect career. When it comes to something as important as your career, there is plenty of advice on offer and yet, there really is no sure shot at success.

When we study in schools our teachers and parents tell us constantly that study hard if you want to be employed or else you will become a rickshaw wala ….. the impression that these continuous reminders have on our mind is that job is the ultimate aim …….. and getting a job somewhere means success …..

Then we come to the college ….. and if we don’t get what we really desired ( that being IIT in every engineer’s case) , suddenly we develop a mindset that we are in a second grade university and from here we can go to a certain level only …. not at the top ……. And then we just make our mind to complete engineering somehow and then our life will be settled …… Engineering is a lot more than just getting a job …… and even engineering is not the end of the road ……

Engineering is about structured thinking while professional life is full of unstructured situations.

I want to do MBA because I yearn for recognition. And no matter how good you are at tech, the plain and simple fact is that techies don’t get recognition. Can you name the most successful software engineer in india ??

Our thinking is what makes a difference …… there is a famous quote ,” Sapne dekhoge tabhi wo pure honge.” ….. very true …… I don’t want to follow the same path as the majority does …. To become a prominent member in the society whom everyone knows is what one should always strive ….. there is only one person at the top and until one gets there , the constant effort to rise higher and higher should be maintained ……

One real – life example that I have come across is that of one of my uncle’s buddy ….. He is a pass out from IIM Ahmedabad , topmost business institute of India ….. many would think that if you get into IIMs your life is set and you just need to go through two years of post graduation and you are done …. But he did not seem to think that way ….. after passing out he appeared in GMAT and he is now at Havard University ….. that clearly solidifies the fact that nothing is final …..

The desire to be different is what sets one apart from commoners ….. I may not achieve my dream at the end ….. that’s too one of the possibility ….. but atleast in future I will not regret the fact that I did not put the effort that was needed …… atleast the word “IF” will be cancelled out from my life …… atleast I would be satisfied that I did what I wanted to ….. long way to go though …… but I am ready for that ……


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  1. Too good!! I really liked this “When we study in schools our teachers and parents tell us constantly that study hard if you want to be employed or else you will become a rickshaw wala ….. ” whatever might b the language and wherever u r in India.. this is the most commonly used dialogue! Nice thoughts.. People started to think like this I should say.. Doctors are just not doctors anymore!!

  2. I really cannot agree more with each and everything that you said. Having graduated from a premier institute in India, many guys doing there 12th ask me for advice. The only thing they seem to be interested about my college is the placement!
    I really pity those souls. There is so much more to life than just getting placed in some arbit MNC and losing your identity for the rest of your life….

  3. hey, harsh i think u r right, we should not satisfy with the placement in just a 4-5 lakhs\anum pakage in a multinational but there is one more thing arise that is ur family background,r ur [erents are able to bear all the expences of ur study,,, ya i know that”irade majboot ho to raaste khudhi khul jate hain” ,,,,but that is one we didn’t see in real life

    i m telling u something about our up board topper ,,he is willing to do bsc in lu just bcoz his father is unable to submit the fee of bits pilani,, so there is always money matters for the development of u>>>from ur childhood to u to become a successful person

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