Official end of first year


June 9th 2008 …. It was 3 in the afternoon ….another one of those boring days….. I was sitting lazily in front of my PC…..Just then my phone rung ….. It was Abhishek ….He asked “How was it ?”……Though I knew what he was talking about ….. still I asked for the confirmation …. After making him swear thrice that he was not joking , I knew that the second semester results were finally out ….. And an air of ecstasy and a bit of fear was all over me ….. I was literally sweating while typing the address ….. and a continuous gaze of my mother and sister on the monitor did not make me feel any better ….
I keyed in my roll no …. the result was in front of me …. first five seconds I was completely blackout …. then to make sure that I was not hit by a cyclone termed “Carry Over” I looked at that column ….phew!!!….I survived …. Scored 82.2% this semester …. It was more of a relief than joy …. After waiting for so many days … finally I got my year’s performance documented ….and my chances for jumping over from EC to CS looks pretty strong now…..keeping the fingers crossed……


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