A Hectic Day


Today was indeed a hectic day for me . Unlike my usual self I got up at 8 …. very early by my standards and the plan of visiting zoological garden which was being postponed since last three times was pledged to be implemented today ….

Sanchit , he is as thin as one can possibly be , but still he has an uncanny habit of riding bicycle for longer distances ….. it appears as if he extracts a lot of enjoyment out of it ……. It was his stubborn attitude that we all decided to land at zoo with our bicycle ….. I don’t own a bicycle now but got it arranged …. courtesy to Sanchit who is nicknamed “Baba”….

So we (me , Sanchit and Pranay ) sailed towards our destination …. Oops !!!! as all of other Sanchit’s efforts do , this one went to vain too …. Cycle’s tyres were flat …. It demanded some walking to be done to get to the machanic ….. Unlike other days , it wasn’t raining today …. Infact the Sun was beating down on us with full vengeance …. I doubt somebody tipped him off about our mission …. Fair enough … I can tolerate you Mr. Sun ….

Air in the tyre … We took off and reached zoo in about 35 minutes ….. Surprise Surprise …. Its monday … and thats the one day of the week when zoo is closed …. Aha !!! got that in my database now ….. All the efforts , the plans and the anxiety to meet some cool animals went to Pluto …

Sanchit’s wonderfully empty brain came up with another plan to exhaust us …. he directed us towards Imambara …. something is better than nothing ….. It was something like my 10th visit to this place …. I acted as a guide to Pranay for whom it was the first visit ….. In a hurry to leave I cancelled the plan to visit picture gallery …. time to make the way to our den ….

While returning though …. the distance appeared to be manifolded …. Somehow we reached home …. sweating to the limit …. I pressed the doorbell …. It didn’t ring …. Looked like somebody informed the electric suppliers that I have reached home ….. And icing on the cake …. my mother won’t allow me to take a bath…….. with the usual philosophy “dhoop se aane ke baad nahaana nahi chahiye ” ……. Just laid there for centuries and while all this time , was just rewinding the day in my mind …. God !!! it was some day ……


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