Something’s Changed


Well today I am here with a good news as well as a bad news . Which one should I unveil first ?? The good one ??? ….. No ??? …. Ok the bad one then !!!!

The bad news is that I am leaving this blog . I am leaving Magical Me … 😦 …… I won’t be posting anymore here .

Heyy … Don’t worry . That doesn’t mean that the magic will end here . Remember , I mentioned that I have a good news too . So , the good news is that I am transferring Magical Me ….. to my own domain …..

magical me

Isn’t that cool . No more restrictions on the theme I can use , the plugins and widgets I can apply . Infact , I can develop and use my own themes too . 😀

So now I have a request for my readers . Please please please update my blog’s link in your roll . And lets meet me at my new home .

The Haunted Room


Today was indeed a long long day for me . Reason , being a part of the crowd looking to book their seat in the hostel . Majority of the students reached the management block as early as 4 in the morning as no one was ready to take a chance . There are only 104 rooms available in the E block and students were more , causing a rush for the hostel allotment .

I , being a part of the crowd was sitting at the stairs for a long part of the morning . The whole environment was filled with the sound of chit – chats , buzz and occasional verbal outbursts from few desperate ones . But at 7’o clock , when the doors were being opened and the much enthusiastic students entered the block , there was a new sound to be heard . CRAASSHHHHH …….. The glass partition in the middle of the hall was unable to bear the pressure applied and thus , came down with a loud thud on the floor .

I have not seen such a rush in my life , not even during the counselling .The college management failed in handling the whole situation .It was panic everywhere . It was clear that its not worth being a part of the pulls and pushes and we would be better off coming back after some time .

Now comes the interesting part of the story . There is a room on the first floor ( E-231 ) hanutedwhere a student committed suicide a few years back . This room has not seen an inhabitant for many years . Last year , a guy dared to go for this room but eventually , he backed off after 2 months declaring that the room was haunted and the spirit in the room was not allowing him to live there peacefully . Now after that incident no one was ready to book that room .

12’o clock . After a lot of efforts , being thrown out a multiple number of times , being scolded by the Dean and warden a couple of times , initiating a number of quarrels among the students , finally we were able to enter the room where the allotment was under process . Slowly but surely the queue was moving . A number of dudes were entering the queue from the sidelines , decreasing the probability of the people behind them of being allotted a room . I kept watching .

1’o clock . Only 3 students between me and the window and after waiting for so long , I knew now it was just a matter of time .

10 minutes later , a declaration came from the warden , ” Room in the E block are full . Rest of the students are advised to go back now .”

After waiting for so long , a news like that was heart breaking for me . I was late and now it was not worth staying here . I mumbled in my mind ,” I should go back now and rethink on what to do now .” I just reached the doorsteps when a thought flashed into my mind ,” Have someone gone for E-231 .” I rushed back to check . It was still vacant .

Me : Sir , E-231 is still vacant . Please give me that room .

Warden looked at the cashier and both of them smiled .

Warden : Are you sure ? Do you know that ……….

Me : Sir , I know everything and I am not afraid of living there .

Warden : Ok then . Lets do it . Btw , whats your percentage ?

Me : its 79.2% aggregate right now . (thinking , what percentage got to do with that)

Warden : Excellent buddy . (Shaking hands)

Me : Sir , why did you ask me that ? Does the spirit give a consideration to the studious ones ?

Many student approached me with “Are you mad ? ” …….”You must be joking right” …… ” Do you even know the history of that room ?” …….”Just get the pooja done before entering the room and it will be ok ” ……. “Don’t worry , these are all rumours” ……. “Once again you got a double seater and now your room partner is a spirit.” …….. ” I will nominate your name for the bravey awards this time . ” …….

I made my way back to the hostel . The scorching heat of the sun was ineffective . The campus which was full of students appeared empty . All those things which were troubling me (internal viva , project submission , the LAN bug in my laptop ) were out of my mind . My clothes were soaked with sweat . My body was tired , both physically and mentally . My eyelids were shutting down due to the lack of sleep .There was one and only one thing I was thinking about .

“Me and My Haunted Room”

Diary Of A Hacker


hackerYesterday I was browsing through all the directories of my laptop to delete all the unnecessary files in order to free up the disk space . In the process I encountered a number of files , the existence of whom I was not aware of . One of these files was ” Diary Of A Hacker.docx ” . The title itself was enough to interest me . I started reading it without wasting any time ………

Diary of a Hacker

What I am about to write about happened in October of 1988,
right after I had turned 16.

Yes, I had a Computer.
Yes, I was a hacker.
Yes, this is my story.

This story is all true. The events in the story are as real
as the noses on your faces. Any attempt to change this story
would be boring, and unnescessary……..

………I Loved the feeling of flying through the ‘Net, talking to the
other Hackers like me, always trying to impress one another.
They came in all fashions of Handles: The Ax Murderer, Psycho,
The Hacker Kid, Phobia, Etc…the list is nearly endless. And
each with an utterly unique personality, so far advanced from
the Morons we all remember at high school. I loved talking to
these “Wanderers of the Wunderland” so much, I would call all
over the united states just to do that………….

…………Knowledge IS power. I never did good in High
School. Knowledge is not there, it was in the ‘Net! THAT
was where I was a King. That was where I was a God. ANYONE
who has truely roamed the ‘Net or been in that type of world
could tell you that, (Right, King Blotto?) hands down.
I loved running home, or taking the bus, right into my
basement! Homework? Bah! What a waste of time it was,
compared to the thrill of Hacking? Homework was little more
than review. I sat down and got onto my Computer and began to
type. I called a rather large BBS in which, Hackers frequented.
Nowadays they are considered “Wandering” Boards. They appear to
wander because they change phone numbers all the time…………..

……… One guy, I will call Harlock,
offered me something none of the others could. The ability
to USE At&t all I wanted for free. He said he would teach me
how to use their LOOP Numbers and not get caught, also teach me
to call other places, drop to their dos shells, and make hidden
directories where I could put my “borrowed” Wares. All for a
I accepted……….

……..I was at home watching some christmas shopping commercials and
drinking a Jolt, when I recieved a phone call from my buddy
Dr.Antristo. He told me that Argonne had gotten the project and
that someone I knew was the project manager. The Password was
Anti-RX…?!? I sighed and said what the hell, why not. Lets
see what our wonderful government is up to now………..

The document contained a lot more about this hacker’s activities . I found it very interesting and was glad that I came across it by accident . If you liked these few lines of the diary and have got some time at your disposal , you can download the entire diary from HERE .