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The Devil’s Number

Posted by harsh on March 15, 2009

Have you ever made an effort to give Mr. Devil a missed call ? Or have you ever received one from him ? ….. If not , then give it a try right now . Mr. Devil has his own personalized private number – 666 ( P.S. no special tariffs or SMS card will work on this number …. Dial at your own risk ) :P


According to Uncyclopedia : “Apparantly, 666 is not God’s devilfavorite number. It is Satan’s favorite (thought you might have already known that) (also, my dog’s favorite, since he enjoys pooping about 666 times a day). Someone called Fungus (a guy who is dead for 666 years) asked God one day “Please, could I go back to Earth and start a new life (that’s reincarnation, mate)?”. In response, God took 6.66 minutes of quiet thinking and afterwards replied: “Go to hell”. And so he did. After he got there, the Devil let Fungus go back to Earth thanks to his schmearing skills (also, pie cooking skills – I’m serious, that guy used to be The Great Imperial Cooker of Persia back in his age. Could cook about 666 pies/second).

Warning : The King of Darkness , the ultimate villain and the proud owner of the magical deadly number 666 has kept an eye on this post . All the readers who pass by without leaving a comment will be subjected to the extreme torment in hellfire . :D :D

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27 Responses to “The Devil’s Number”

  1. Sahaja said

    where r u getting thse info from ;)
    haha 666 and torment it seems so whats with u for posting ;)

  2. Reema said

    the post is bit confusing. U should have written the whole story behind this number.

    • harsh said

      On the more serious note … The reason 666 is associated with Satanism is because of a verse in the bible

      Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      There are many such explanations behind 666 to be considered as “Devil’s Number ” …. This post only aims to bring out the humor from this superstition and not to mention , is total nonsense …. :D

  3. raghav said

    potter is scared by a heavy triple sixxxxxxxxx

  4. akshat said

    do u really believe in all this??

  5. Shivya said

    Oh, I know what I should do to pass time. Go back to reading Uncyclopedia! Been a while since I did that. Thanks for the reminder ;) OH better still, I could go call 666 :p

  6. Appu said

    Are you giving caution to everyone??? ;)

  7. Latha said

    so did u call 666? ;)

  8. Dev said

    My latest observations -
    My birth number is 6 (a factor of 666)
    My name is Dev (a part of Devil)
    My cell no. has lot of 6s
    what should I do??
    Maybe run from myself!!! ;-)

  9. Asma Ahsan said

    The devil is always ONLINE! Apparently he doesnt allow students to study for exams either! :P

    No need to call – GOOGLE HIM – Internet hai na! :P

  10. Amit said

    I saw this in some movie. :) What a crazy number to choose from all of them.

  11. Ambika said

    I was born in 198’6′.. Am I supposed to be scared??? :-?

  12. scorpria said

    What was all that about??? details details!

  13. Arpit said

    well in 2006, on the day of my birthday the date was 06/06/06
    no doubt i am called the “dare devil” by people :P

  14. Reeti said

    Hey i already knew abt the Number 666 being a satans no.
    But is d latter part of the story TRUE [:O]
    well anyways the warning part was Sexy.. :P

  15. Demita said


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